Meet Cathy

Cathy’s ongoing record of achieving the best possible results for her constituents continues to be a hallmark of her approach to every issue. She gets involved early, maintains communication throughout the process and provides invaluable support.
Change is constant and renewal is a needed facet of a thriving community, however Cathy believes that growth shouldn’t take place at the expense of existing neighbourhoods.

Throughout her time on Town and Regional Council, Cathy has been instrumental in helping to preserve the kind of Oakville her residents want.

Historic Oakville Arena

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In the recent past, Cathy's action on behalf of local residents and business operators helped to secure a restoration and redevelopment project of the Old Oakville Arena and Trafalgar Park lands, both of which are much-needed recreation for local neighbourhoods. The new building will preserve and retain the distinctive wooden roof truss system designed and patented by Norman Otto Hipel in 1928.

Inside, the community centre will house:
  • an NHL-size ice surface
  • indoor running track
  • new seniors’ centre
  • administrative offices
  • full-size gymnasium
  • fitness centre
  • new Kinsmen Pine Room for public meetings and events.

Outside, a refurbishment of Trafalgar Park will provide double tennis court that will be converted into an artificial ice rink in the winter, a fully accessible playground with a shade structure and new
exterior washroom facilities.

Kerr Village

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As a long-time Board member of the Kerr Village BIA, Cathy played a strong role in securing a Community Improvement Plan for the Kerr Village area as well as a Facade Improvement Program to facilitate the ongoing improvement in the local business district.

The Facade Improvement program works on a grant-basis. The grant program provides property owners and approved tenants in the Kerr Village area with financial assistance to improve the appearance of building façades and storefronts. The pilot program is
expected to be available on a yearly basis for 5 years up to 2019 subject to funding availability. It offers a matching grant equal to 50 per cent of the cost of eligible improvements to a maximum of $10,000, with an increase to $12,500 for corner properties when improvements are made to both front and flankage façades.